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What Make Sonwil Finance Team Standout

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About SonWil Finance Team

As a boutique mortgage brokerage, we team up with clients who adhere and appreciate our core values of commitment and trust, and we go to an extra mile to get them the mortgages they deserve. In an attempt to make the home buying process quick and straightforward, we are affiliated with Mortgage Architects, Canada’s largest mortgage broker network. Our connection with them enables us to push our limits and access a wide variety of mortgage solutions for our clients.

We’ve been in business since 2017, and our closing ratio is around 90%. Our successful closing rate is the result of our more than thirty-five years of lending experience and over six hundred million dollar’s worth of mortgage funding experience as a team. We are a team of six agents, and we are located at 154 Queen St. S Unit 212, Mississauga, ON, L5M 2P4. We operate from nine am to six pm from Mondays to Fridays, and our clients are predominantly from the GTA and sometimes from outside the province. 

The SonWil Finance Team Difference

As a leading mortgage company, our goal is to make the home buying process nimble for everyone, even people with poor credit. Over time we have funded many files turned down by major banks and have specialized in handling complex mortgage applications.

Irrespective of the challenges our clients or referral sources face, we do our best to find the solutions that match their requirements. To offer them flexibility, we also pick out multiple options so they can choose the most suitable one for their personal needs.

We operate by three major pillars: commitment, trust, and solutions. Once we accept your deal, we will commit to helping you realize your ideal mortgage and offer you multiple solutions to choose from.

To improve client experiences with us, we continuously introduce innovation and change to our business. Recently we developed a consumer-friendly app, digital online application, and a simplified, secure way to collect documents from our clients.

About 90% of our clients prefer initiating their mortgage with us over digital platforms, while they sip coffee or have dinner at home. Moreover, they enjoy the fact that the entire process takes less than sixty minutes to complete. To initiate a mortgage application with us, all they need to do is visit our website – sonwilfinance.com and complete our online application by clicking here.

To further simplify and speed up the process of home financing through constant innovation and experience, our team meets regularly to discuss and learn from adjudicated files. We aim to complete the data in five business days.

Another vital benefit of working with us is that we go beyond the best rates. There are several other critical factors that we consider before shortlisting mortgages for our clients. For example, different lenders may offer the same rate, however, they may all have different penalties if the client breaks the mortgage term. Most people are ignorant about these hidden clauses, for this reason, we aim to thoroughly educate and advise our clients about the best lending options available.

When clients trust us with their personal information, we reciprocate respect by safeguarding their personal details. We have a very secure way of handling our clients’ private information, and our privacy procedures are updated regularly to assure continuous security.

Similarly, we take every customer seriously and cater to all their needs. Whether it is a second mortgage of twenty thousand or a multi-million dollar mortgage, we deal with our clients in a similar way.

Right from inception, we have funded more than ninety files, which is a huge accomplishment for a startup like ours. We can grow only further from here, and our current goal is to fund a hundred and fifty files in 2020. We are also working on a massive project in lending, which will disrupt the industry and bring about a paradigm shift in the mortgage business.

To boost our team’s interests in helping clients and becoming knowledgeable brokers, we regularly offer them recognition for achieving new pinnacles. Our entire team works as a family and they make sure to share their knowledge with each other.

Besides doing business and improving the mortgage industry, we aim to uplift the community we do business in. To do this, we mainly focus on eradicating hunger and reducing our carbon footprint.

We recently organized an MFSI cricket tournament for our community on August 31, at Teramoto Park in Brampton, and it was a huge success! All the proceeds from the tournament were donated to Mangalorean Association of Canada for their “fight hunger” project. Our purpose is to play our part in fighting hunger, and our passion is changing the lives of every Canadian, by giving them financial freedom.

To reduce our carbon footprint, we’ve cut down our paper printing by 90%. At the same time, our office is programmed to use less electricity every day, and our entire mortgage process is digitized. We also don’t drive to meet with clients. Instead of using the motorway, we encourage our agents to use technology like Skype and Zoom for client meetings. It has resulted in a considerable reduction in our usage of fossil fuel.

To learn more about all that we do at SonWil Finance Teamplease click here. If you have any questions about how we can help you, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us here

Written By sonwil.finance


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